The Eliminator Series Vacuum Pump is designed to tackle the toughest applications in the fluid handling business including Oilfield, Industrial, Septic, Grease, Environmental, Waste Water and More!

The Fruitland® Eliminator Series offers the reliability of the Fruitland® Pump, combined with the ease and simplicity of our “Ready2Rig” Pump Mounts. We offer several design options including heavy duty pump stands, secondary shutoffs, mufflers, angle drive, hydraulic drive and belt drive options. Tailor your Eliminator package to your specific needs and enjoy effortless installation combined with the power and durability of Fruitland®.


PUMP Specifications:

Approximate Air Flow 320 CFM
Maximum Vacuum 28.5″ Hg
Power Required @ 27″Hg 23 BHP
Pressures to 35 PSI
Power required @ Max. Pressure 44 BHP
Size of Hoses 3”
Operating Speed 1400 RPM
Lubrication (Oil Pump) Automatic
Vanes 8 (Kevlar)
Fan cooling continuous duty Yes
Approx. net Pump weight 450LBS

Eliminator series features

  • Moisture Trap
  • Includes Filter and Four-Way Valve
  • Pressure and Vacuum Relief
  • Optional Mounting Brackets
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty
  • Optional Drive Configurations
Eliminator Series Vacuum Pumps
  • Drain Valves
  • Powder Coated Components
  • Reduced Labor and Engineering Costs
  • High-Efficiency Oil Catch Muffler
  • Various Rig-up Options
  • Minimal Design Footprint